Thursday, August 14, 2008


how big are eggs supposed to be? These brown eggs are from Lisa's chickens and I put the white one there to compare. The egg carton wouldn't close.

I've been working in my yard today....this is the third day in a row, trying to get caught up on what I have let go all summer. I wish I had made pictures of the before and after. It is beginning to look as if someone lives here and I'm beginning to look like a rag muffin.


Judy said...

Gosh Clara, those are some big eggs! I love fresh eggs and often stop to buy them if I see a sign on the road. Thank you for the poem. I just love it! I need to get it framed and put it in my house.

Mountain Mama said...

Those eggs are huge. Are they from a Rhode Island Red Hen? We used to have some and they did lay large eggs. In comparison my banty eggs liiked tiny.

I know about that Rag Muffin feeling. Hahaha.

It's been too hot here for me to work outside but once the fall temp's set in we could be twins! LOL

Grammy said...

uDear Clara,
sorry I forgot your e-mail address. You commented on my blog today, but misunderstood the blog. My husband is a guest blogger today and he wrote about his own experiences growing up in Jeff. He is the one who almost drowned. I'm really glad he didn't. Personally, I never go near the water. I swim like a rock. ha. Thanks for continuing to read my blog and comment. Grammy (aka Ruby)

Margie's Musings said...

Those are some huge eggs, Clara.

Marci said...

I am glad you are able to share some of Lisa's farm fresh eggs. =) How are you feeling after all your treatments?

Ladyfromthewoods said...

Makes my mouth water for a couple of eggs over medium. I bet those yolks are a rich golden color.

Yes, other than the rag muffin feeling from working really hard, how have you been?

Has the weather down there been much cooler lately? We've been enjoying fall-like temps going on a week now.

Love, Teresa

bennie and patsy said...

Egg--Actly is right nice large eggs. As soon as it cooled off I got my little garden spot cleaned out and my pineapple sage is going to be so pretty this fall. Don't over do it Clara, just rest up for a while now.

grammyof13 said...

I thought I had lost you. I'm adding you to my blog list, so I can keep up with goings on in East Tenn.

Let us know where the eggs came from? Do you have chickens, or were these one of your finds?


Rachel said...

What a difference in egg size! I like the brown eggs.

You are a working woman. I need to tackle my mess of weeds but I'm waiting until it cools down a bit.

Beth said...

Gracious, Clara, Lisa must have some Super-Chickens! Looks like it might be kind of painful for the poor hens turning out those giant eggs! :-)
Hope you are doing OK in all this heat. I also hope that y'all over there in Tennessee are having more rain than we're having in North Carolina.

Jamie Dawn said...

Those are some BIG eggs!

I'm glad you are seeing great results in your yard from all your hard work. Looking like a rag muffin just comes with the territory when we work hard outside.
I'm sure a shower and some rest had you back to looking like the lovely lady you are!!