Monday, February 11, 2008

What I Have Been Doing....

These are all finished now. I made them for Gary's friend. this is the prettiest pair I have made so far. I made them on "The Magie Loop" also. Below is my crocheted square for the month of Feb. It is for Melissa in Morehead city, NC. (Not very far away from me) Happy Valentine's Day Melissa!


Cathy said...

Hello clara

Wondered where you'd been - by the look of it you've been busy :))

Take care

Marci said...

I love those blue socks. By the way, thanks for the knitting offer. I did find someone up here that her mother is an expert knitter. She took the scarf to her to see if she can put my needles back on right for me and rip out what I did wrong. =) Thanks for offering though. I love the square!!

Mountain Mama said...

Those socks look so warm and cozy. Someone is very blessed to receive them.
Also your heart patch is so pretty. Do you have patterns or do you make them up?

Jamie Dawn said...

Warm socks and a patriotic heart.
Well done!!

Happy Valentine's Day, Clara.
Share some LOVE today and eat some chocolate.

Rachel said...

Those are pretty!!

Happy Valentine's Day Clara!