Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I just finished crocheting a snowman square for my crochet partner this month. Her name is Teresa and she lives in Texas. Teresa if you see this..... I thought I would send a little snow down your way. Our forecast says we are going to get two to three inches tonight! BRRRRRR!!!!!


Rachel said...

How cute!!

Snow tonight?? Nah!!! Surely not!!

Rachel said...

Well, I just looked at the weather and the radar! They might be right after all!

Lib said...

Hi Clara,
I like your snowman square really cute.
I enjoyed reading about the beans,I've never heard of them.
I too, am ready for Spring my favorite season.:o)
Have a great wk.

Marci said...

Clara, that is darling. You make the cutest things.

Jamie Dawn said...

That's the cutest little feller!!
NO snow... PLEASE!!!!
I hope we don't get any snow at all this winter!

Sharri said...

He's tooo adorable!
You're sooo talented Clara!