Monday, November 19, 2007

What I Have Been Making......

This is a Knitted scarf or you can use it for a belt. I made it for a little girl that has just turned thirteen. Her name is Anna. There was a little yarn left over and I made her a headband to match.
And this crocheted square is called "Irish Rose". It goes to my partner for this month. Her name is Peggie and she lives in San Luis, AZ. It is prettier than it looks in the picture.


dot said...

How pretty! I bet Anna will enjoy that.
You asked how I made one of my pictures... I have Picasa which is a free program to download from Google to manage your pictures. I used the program to make the collage.

Lib said...

You do Beautiful work.
Hope you're having a good wk.
Blessins', Lib

Jamie Dawn said...

You've been busy!! The Irish Rose is so pretty.
Well done!!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Rev. JD says that gluttony is not a sin on Thanksgiving, so dig in and enjoy every bite!!
God bless you, Clara.

Rachel said...

Oh, they are so pretty Clara!!