Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas is Gone!!!!

Yeah!!!!! I'm not happy that Christmas is gone.....I'm happy that I'm still kicking! It was a good Christmas with family and friends. It did slip up on me and I wasn't as ready on the last day as I wanted to be. Every year I make myself a promise not to get so far behind with my shopping. This year I will try again to keep that promise. I want to make lapghans and snowflakes and take them to the nursing homes. If I start early....this will take place. Now we have a new year to start and I pray it will be a very HAPPY NEW YEAR for all my blogging friends.


Moobear said...

Welcome back friend! I am glad you are back and that you had a nice Christmas. I am like you, I am glad it is over, but it will be here again before we know it!
Hope you have a Happy New Year and can get all the thing accomplished that you have spoken of. Take care of yourself too!


Anonymous said...

Clara, what a great idea for the nursing homes. Maybe I can do some of those with my Mom's yarn.

Hope your Christmas was merry. Did you get to spend it with the boys?

AF said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR for you too, Clara. And for you family too.
See you in 2007,
Andréa TN said...

Marci, the boys did come to my house, but Ryan was sick. He was having a breathing problem and had to bring his machine with him. He had not had one of those in 4 or 5 years. But all in all we had a good time. They had to go back home Christmas day!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Clara! Glad you had a nice Christmas and hope your new year will be the best!