Sunday, July 02, 2006

Eating at The Crab Shack

This is me and my DH, Bill. We are eating at The Crab Shack. That was the neatest place. You eat outside and the atmosphere was great. Of course we ate sea food, and I wiah you could see what a table full of food we had in front of us. It was yummy. I would drive there again just for the food!


Tina Leigh said...

Hey Clara! What a fine looking couple yall make!! Glad you are back! Cant wait to hear more about your visit (Pic's to please!). So glad your DH is thru with his treatments. Do let me know how all that went..circulation much improved I hope! The Crab Shack..thats on first thought was that it was on St.Simmons. OH IT LOOKS TOOO GOOD!!!!

Marci said...

Clara, what a wonderful picture of you and your sweetheart. I am so glad you had a week away together. I am glad you are home and will be posting again.